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When you were young, your body produced lots of collagen. Your skin was tight, your body was pliant, strong and flexible. Your metabolism without instaflex worked around the clock, look instaflex. You consumed fuel; you burned fuel. The whole process worked automatically. You don't produce that kind of collagen anymore. You're wrinkled, stiff and everything you eat turns to fat.

Our answer: We put collagen in a bottle. It's called CaloradR. It's a unique liquid protein, so digestible and bio-available that it helps your body make a huge comeback. Do your body a favor, take a tablespoon once a day for the rest of your life. Many years ago before any one of us were around, the fruits and vegetables of the earth were full of nutrients and clean -- worth eating. Now they're preserved, poisoned and farmed in soil so thin and devoid of nutrients that we are virtually eating toxin flavored cardboard. We eat and eat and eat, BUT never have enough. We can't satisfy our needs. We are at the same time overweight and malnourished. It is impossible to buy food that supplies all of our nutritional needs to support our body.

Our answer: We grow organic food in 90 inches of nutrient rich topsoil. We harvest, freeze and package our greens in three minutes. We call this super food Iso-Greens. Take two teaspoons a day in any liquid and you're back in business.

Do you ever almost feel too tired to enjoy life? Do you look forward to an event for weeks and then when the big day arrives, you are just too weary to have fun? You are not alone. We are all running on empty, and it's not hard to figure out why. One hundred years ago, just a split second on the evolutionary clock, our air contained 40% oxygen! Now we live in a world where we have lost that vital life support. Research shows that many of us live in cities where the level of oxygen has dipped to 12-15%.

Our answer: We put enriched stabilized oxygen in a bottle. It's called Oxy-Up! Put an ounce of Oxy-Up in the liquid of your choice four times a day and give your body a lovely gift-the gift of 200,000 parts per million of oxygen! This product is so simple! It requires virtually no effort on your part. It's priced so that everyone can afford it, and the impact is profound. Last but certainly not least, we are not only tired, stiff and wrinkled, but to add insult to injury, we are fat. It makes sense when you think about it. We consume large quantities of empty food, blended with enough sugars, salts and fats to mask the toxins. We are too exhausted to exercise because we are running out of air. And the collagen that supports the body's fat burning metabolic mechanism is more and more depleted each year we live.

What a mess. No wonder 37.4 million North Americans are obese! No wonder that percentage of us are 20 pounds overweight.

Our answer: Take CaloradR at night, Iso-Greens at least once a day and drink Oxy-Up throughout the day! And take one more important step: wear our Magna I, four in one magnet on your wrist. That's right, you heard what we just said. We have developed a unique magnet that you put on your wrist. It stimulates an acupuncture point that lowers the anxiety and daily stresses in your body. Many people who wear Magna I report that they get fuller faster, reduce their impulse eating and empty calorie cravings and "eat what their bodies need, not what their emotions demand!"

Four profoundly important steps to recreate the excitement, vitality and joy in your life; four profoundly simple wellness products that give your body the support it needs to live life long and well; four small moves that will create a massively delightful chain of events. Who knows you may very well fit back into those jeans, dance the night away and return to those halcyon days of unbridled energy and passion.